A New Year and a New Focus On Your Hearing

It’s a new year and once again time for some resolutions. Maybe one of them should be a focus on taking back your hearing health — and thus an important aspect of your life.

The first thing to focus on is that word health. Your hearing isn’t an isolated part of your body’s work; it’s intertwined with other aspects of your physical well-being. Research has made it clear that a healthier cardiovascular system is part of maintaining better hearing. The hearing system is very dependent on good circulation — the kind that reaches the very small capillaries that nourish the inner ear — so, in a classic “killing two birds with one stone” scenario, getting in better shape will probably improve or protect your hearing.

Diet also plays a role in hearing health — in part because dietary patterns play a role in cardiovascular health, which we’ve just covered. But certain nutrients are important to your hearing, such as potassium (which helps regulate inner-ear fluids), folic acid (aids cell growth and circulation), magnesium (healthy blood vessels), zinc (aids cell growth and boosts the immune system), and Omega 3 fats (anti-inflammatory properties and aids brain function).

Finally, protecting your ears is a good way to promote hearing health. Modern life can be loud — whether it’s workplace noise, the bombardment of the daily commute, or turning up the volume a little too much on the earbuds. If you work in a high-decibel environment, wear ear protection. And think about whether you need the volume turned up that high when listening to music. Long-term exposure to high-decibel sound is a sure fire way to find hearing loss become part of your life.

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