Hearing But Not Understanding? Special Keynote

On Friday, May 18th at 1:30PM at the EvergreenHealth, Auditorium we are hosting Dr. Jeanane Ferre Ph.D. CCC-A, a nationally recognized expert on central auditory processing disorders (CAPD), with over 35 years experience providing evaluation and treatment of CAPDs to children and adults. 

WHO: Dr. Jeanane Ferre Ph.D. CCC-A is a nationally recognized expert and pioneering researcher in Central Auditory Processing Disorders (CAPD) in children and adults. 

WHAT: A special lecture event on evaluation and treatment of CAPD in children and adults. Individuals with CAPD have no difficulty hearing but often have difficulty understanding. Often these difficulties include listening to, comprehending, and/or remembering the information heard. Individuals with (C)APD may also experience difficulties interpreting the subtle meaning of what has been said, such as sarcasm, irony, and humor.

WHEN: Friday May 18th at 1:30PM

WHERE: EvergreenHealth Auditorium, Kirkland, WA

WHY: The Month of May is Better Hearing and Speech Month. Evergreen Speech & Hearing Clinic is excited to offer community outreach and educational events in the month of May. 

Let us know your interest in attending at rsvp@everhear.com

This talk is free to the public and highly recommended for parents, local physicians, educators, and healthcare providers. 


Bio: Dr. Ferre established her practice in 1988, becoming one of the first audiologists in the nation to open a practice devoted exclusively to the evaluation and treatment of auditory processing disorders and has provided these services at her Oak Park office for over 20 years.

In addition to her clinical practice, she is an adjunct faculty member of Northwestern and Rush Universities, teaching graduate classes in assessment and management of CAPD and serving as an off-campus practicum supervisor to improve students’ clinical skills in the area of CAP assessment and intervention. Dr. Ferre regularly attends special education eligibility meetings and assists with development of IEPs and 504 accommodation plans. She has provided consultation on auditory processing to school districts and education departments in Illinois, Wisconsin, California, Georgia, Hawaii and the District of Columbia. Dr. Ferre is on the advisory board of Audiology Online (www.audiologyonline.com) and is a regular editorial reviewer of papers related to central auditory processing for several professional journals. She has contributed to “best practice” documents for central auditory processing assessment and intervention for the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

Her pioneering research in this area led to the development of the Bellis-Ferre model, currently one of the most widely used models for interpreting central auditory processing test results. She is the co-author of a widely used test for screening processing disorders among school-age children.

She has published extensively in professional journals and written chapters for collegiate texts and has given over 300 presentations on CAPD to school districts, related professionals, speech-language-hearing conferences, and parent support groups at the local, state, national and international levels.

Dr. Ferre’s work has earned numerous awards. She is a Fellow of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, a Fellow of the Illinois Speech-Language-Hearing Association, and a Distinguished Alumnus of Illinois State University. In addition, she has received the Clinical Achievement Award and Honors of the Association from the Illinois Speech-Language-Hearing Association.


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New links found between untreated hearing loss and dementia

Studies over the years have looked at the possible link between age-related hearing loss and cognitive decline. A recent systematic review and meta-analysis published in JAMA Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery found age-related hearing loss to be significantly associated with a decline in “all main cognitive domains with increased risk for cognitive impairment and incident dementia”. By treating hearing loss, you can play a role in mitigating one of the risk factors associated with dementia. 

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Submit Your Health History Form Online

Health History Forms can now be completed online prior to your appointment! Visit everhear.com/forms

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Audiology Patient Choice Act: Improving Access to Hearing Healthcare

Legislation was introduced yesterday to improve access to hearing health care services. The Audiology Patient Choice Act, is a “bipartisan bill to ensure that seniors and people with disabilities on Medicare have access to a full range of hearing and balance health care services provided by a licensed audiologist.” US Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass) introduced The Audiology Patient Choice Act as a bill that will “make a life-changing difference for millions of Americans who experience hearing loss and can’t access the care they need because of archaic regulations.” This is a “common sense step to bring down costs for our seniors” said Senator Warren. Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky) extolled the bill as proof “Congress can come together across the aisle to find solutions to improve our health care system.”

Medicare currently covers a range of hearing health services however, it does not recognize audiologists as providers of most hearing services. This new legislation allows audiologists to provide all services already covered by Medicare that are within an audiologist’s scope of practice and ensures that Medicare’s treatment of audiologists is consistent with the classification of other health care providers such as dentists, podiatrists, chiropractors, and optometrists. Read the full article at Hearinghealthmatters.org.

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Teen Social Skills Group Boot-Camp

We’re looking for an exclusive group of teens to join our Social Skills Group Boot-Camp this summer at our Redmond clinic! Contact slp@everhear.com to reserve your spot!


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Speech-Language Therapy In Bellevue

We now offer speech-language therapy in three convenient Eastside locations. We are excited to announce our speech department’s expansion to our Bellevue Clinic! Appointment availability starts in April 2018! 

Book your appointment now by calling 425-454-1883 or emailing slp@everhear.com.


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World Hearing Day: March 3, 2018

Today, March 3, 2018, is World Hearing Day! The World Health Organization promotes World Hearing Day as a global initiative to raise awareness on how to prevent deafness and hearing loss and promote ear and hearing care across the world. See the full WHO Multi-Country Assessment Of National Capacity to Provide Hearing Care. The 2018 theme for World Hearing Day is Hear The Future!

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA)  is promoting World Hearing Day 2018: Hear The Future by focusing on hearing loss guidelines across your lifespan. 

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2018 Winter Newsletter

Learn about our favorite new hearing technologies, recent community awards/events, and “Apps We Love” for boosting your childs speech, in our latest edition of the Evergreen Speech & Hearing Clinic Newsletter!

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Educating the next generation of Speech-Language Pathologists

Our speech director Maryam Sadrzadeh, M.S., CCC-SLP will join clinicians in leading five groups of UW Medical SLP graduate students through different approaches for voice therapy tomorrow at Eagleson Hall at the University of Washington.

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Jessica Lasser CCC-SLP Presents at the Redmond Library

On Sunday, February 25th, our speech-language pathologist Jessica Lasser CCC-SLP presented at the Redmond Library for the conference, Raising a Gifted Child hosted by BK Academy a School for Gifted Children. Jessica discussed signs of speech and language deficits commonly found in gifted children with learning disabilities as well as tips for assessment, treatment, and accommodations. Here are some photos of Jessica presenting at the event! 

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