Hearing Aid Patients Benefit from Social Support

hearingMore and more, studies are finding that a strong system of social support for patients with hearing aids promotes significantly better overall satisfaction.

An important factor in these findings is the participation of a loved one in the treatment of their partner’s hearing Loss. Significant others often play a role in patients seeking audiology testing to begin with, and they can also assist clinicians in understanding the specific communication challenges their partner faces. In addition, the involvement of a loved one can impact the continuity and effectiveness of treatment by encouraging their partner to adhere to best practices as directed.

In a groundbreaking way, audiologists like the ones at ESHC are now incorporating another important feature of social support into the hearing aid user’s experience. Aural rehabilitation (or AR) is a practice that brings trained speech therapists and audiologists together in co-treatment of hearing aid patients. Once a patient has begun using their technology, they will find that environmental noises are more noticeable. These enhanced sounds cannot be completely eliminated and they pose a challenging period of adjustment. While the brain can and will adapt, the use of aural rehabilitative exercises for the ears helps patients to perform at peak and stay in line with their peers. In fact, the use of social support programs like these is associated with a 30-40% improvement in quality of hearing.

Overall, a strong, well-trained support system that considers all aspects of a patient’s core social network will improve both the hearing function experience of a patient’s devices, as well as their self-confidence, sense of wellbeing and social comfort.

For more information, see February 2016 issue of The Hearing Journal, article title: The Benefits of Social Support for Listeners with Impaired Hearing.

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Check out our most recent newsletter!

Click the link to review pictures of our Better Hearing and Speech Month as well as information on the Derrick Coleman foundation!

Evergreen Speech and Hearing Newletter, Spring 2015

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Summer Fun Days Are Coming

It is another summer full of fun here at the Evergreen Speech and Hearing Clinics! This year our Kirkland and Redmond offices are very excited to host our annual Summer Fun Days, where we celebrate the season with exciting games and crafts for our patients and staff.
During this time, for the week of July 27th at our Redmond office and the week of August 3rd in our Kirkland office, don’t be surprised if you see Frozen Princesses or Ice Castles on Monday. On Tuesday, there won’t be any birds or planes in the office but Superman and his superhero friends are sure to make an appearance. On Wednesday, you better keep your golden doubloons close because no place is safe from the speech and language pirates. Thursday will be sports day and everyone should stop by in their favorite team’s colors. Finally, Friday and Saturday will be truly wild when the office gets turned into the animal kingdom. You should expect to see more than a few lions, tigers or bears (oh my). Everyone is encouraged to dress up. We can’t wait for the fun to begin. Check out our flyer for more details at: Summer Fun Days

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Q and A with Molly Cheshire Audiology 4th Year Resident

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your educational background?

I was born and raised in Gig Harbor, Washington. I lived there until I came up to Seattle for my undergraduate work at UW. After graduating, I moved to Tempe, Arizona to begin my graduate work at Arizona State University. I enjoyed the warm “winters” there, however the summers were unbearable! I am happy to be back in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, completing the final year of my doctorate at ESHC.

2. What is it that made you want to be an Audiologist?

I always knew that I wanted a career in the medical field, where I could really help people. Upon entering UW’s Speech and Hearing Department as an undergrad, just starting on my major, I intended on being an SLP. However, all that changed on the first day of Dr. Werner’s Hearing Science class. I knew immediately that I wanted to be an Audiologist! Since then my passion for audiology has been strong.

3. If you could have one superpower what would it be?

My superpower would be to heal the world, and every living thing on it from pain. Cheesy, I know, but that’s me

4. Who is your favorite musician/band?

My musical tastes range from Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd to The Pixies and Social Distortion, and even a bit of Taylor Swift.

5. What has been your favorite moment or part of evergreen so far?

My favorite moment here so far was the All Staff meeting recapping BSHM. I walked away from that meeting feeling blessed to be a part of this wonderful company.

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Evergreen Looks to a Bright Future

Noah and Molly: just two of our 5 new interns

Noah and Molly: Just Two of our Five New Interns

Who would have thought that Evergreen Speech and Hearing would be such a hot bed for internships? Evergreen Speech and Hearing has grown a great deal in the past 36 years and so has its Internship Program. Over the last few years, Evergreen has offered more internships and educational opportunities than ever before. Most recently, the clinics offered internships at the post graduate, graduate and undergraduate levels giving hardworking, bright students a chance to have hands on learning experience in the audiology and speech pathology world. Having higher education internship opportunities allows Evergreen Speech and Hearing to work with students of all different levels of interest. Post Graduates are usually extremely focused and already well on their way to becoming the next generation of Speech Pathologists or Audiologists. Graduate students are just figuring out if they want to pursue a career in audiology or speech pathology, earning their internship hours while learning more technical skills. Undergraduates have a desire to learn and explore the topic, even if not completely set on the audiology and speech pathology course. “As an undergraduate at Evergreen, I came in thinking I might want to start studying speech and hearing more, but I have come to be really interested in the business side of the company and they have really helped me learn and discover more about what it takes to run a solid business.”(Noah Levan, Undergraduate Intern). Evergreen knows it takes a team with many different skills to build a good company and helping these students not only makes for a better future in audiology and speech pathology but it also makes for a better clinic, with new ideas flying around all the time. This is one facet of Evergreen that keeps us on the cutting edge at all times and allows us to serve the communities as best we can. In conclusion, Ruth said it best “We pride ourselves on making the communities around us a better place, giving internship opportunities and letting people explore their interest in our field. It’s just one way we can do our best.”(Ruth, Clinic Director).

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Carla Brooks, Autism Expert, to Speak Tonight


In celebration of Better Speech and Hearing Month, the Evergreen Speech & Hearing Clinic is hosting a FREE presentation by autism expert Carla Brooks, MA, CCC-SLP open to local speech language professionals on Thursday May 28th from 6:30-8:00pm at the Evergreen Hospital Auditorium (by the Emergency Room). Please feel free to share with anyone you think might be interested including educators and other therapists! ‪#‎BHSM‬

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Seahawk, Derrick Coleman, Visits Our Patients!!

Derrick Signing-51

In celebration of Better Hearing and Speech month, we had the honor of hosting Seattle Seahawk, Derrick Coleman, at Evergreen Speech and Hearing’s Redmond clinic this week. Derrick met and signed autographs for hearing and speech patients and shared his story of triumph over profound hearing loss. Derrick also spoke about his work with the No Excuses Foundation–managed by himself and his family–which seeks to encourage those with hearing impairment to take on the world with enthusiasm and a “no excuses” attitude. It was especially touching to see Derrick’s interactions with the children at ESHC. He had a lot of wonderful things to say, but among the highlights was something his dad used to say and still rings true today:  “Don’t get ready…be ready.”

The line to see Derrick lasted about two hours and the event drew quite the crowd.

Derrick Signing-31 (1)

To ease the wait, our SLPs and coordinators passed out cookies and blew bubbles into the crowd, much to the delight of our little patients.

  Derrick Signing-7

We also interviewed some children waiting in line. We asked them: If you could ask Derrick any question at all, what would it be? Here are the responses, along with some picture highlights from this fantastic night! ESHC is so proud and happy to have hosted Derrick Coleman at our clinic, and we thank him for his inspiring presence and awesome work in the hearing and speech world!

“What’s your favorite food?” – Bruce Sherwin.

Derrick Signing-34
“Why is this line so long?” – Abhiram Yakkali

Derrick Signing-35
“How does he catch the football?” – Zoe Christiansen. (Patients at ESHC for 2+ years.)

Derrick Signing-24
“What’s it like being on the field?” – Easton Rutter

Derrick Signing-38
“Do you like football balloons?” Riley Rutter

Derrick has fun with our patients and staff!


Derrick Signing-46

Derrick Signing-13Derrick Signing-54Derrick Signing-33Derrick Signing-25Derrick Signing-17Derrick Signing-11Derrick Signing-12Derrick Signing-20Derrick Signing-18Derrick Signing-15

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Seahawk Derrick Coleman Coming to Evergreen!

blog coleman

Exciting news! In celebration of Better Hearing and Speech Month, and in an effort to inspire our patients not to let hearing loss hold them down, Seattle Seahawk and Full back, Derrick Coleman, will be meeting and greeting our patients on May 14th from 5pm – 6:30pm. The event will take place at our Redmond clinic location. Our patients are encouraged to come out and meet Derrick, snap a photo and get an autograph while they’re at it!! See you then.

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Well Wishes to a New Practice

jody and melissaIn January, 2015, Speech Pathologist Jody Vaynshtok (daughter of ESHC founders Tom and Ruth Norwood) and Audiologist Melissa Wilson will open the doors to their new clinic – Sound Speech and Hearing- in San Francisco. The clinicians and their staff will dedicate their skills to enriching the lives of people with speech and hearing needs in the Bay Area. The clinic will offer speech and language evaluations, speech therapy, aural rehabilitation, hearing evaluations and the newest hearing aids in San Francisco.sound speech and hearingEvergreen Speech and Hearing is proud to support the endeavors of this groundbreaking new practice.  For more information, visit their facebook page, and while you’re there, give them a like! Congratulations and well wishes to Jody and Melissa!


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Doing Good in Peru!

Evergreen Speech and Hearing was proud to donate hearing instruments to Kaitlin Alayo, a local Girl Scout travelling to Cusco, Peru for her Gold Award Project. While there, Kaitlin will be teaming up with audiologists at the community’s hospital, helping to fit and distribute hearing aids to citizens who would otherwise have no access to such services. We are excited to see the good that will come of Kaitlin’s trip, and she’s promised to update us with pictures and more when she comes home. Way to be awesome, Kaitlin!


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