Turn It Down Concert

In 2006 Evergreen Speech & Hearing Clinic launched a creative spin on hearing awareness with the inception of the “Turn It Down: an EAR-responsible Concert.” Over the years the clinic has partnered with local teen centers as well as both local and international sponsors to create awareness on the dangers of noise induced hearing loss in a fun-laid back environment.

Over 1000 attendees have rocked out at the unique event celebrating hearing awareness over the years. Local bands partner with the clinic to share their passion of hearing safety. Throughout the night the sound is kept “turned down” to100 decibels (dB) or less. By the Occupational Safety and Health Administrations (OSHA) standards, this sound level is appropriate for a two-hour duration – the length of the concert. The audiology team also allows the crowd to physically see the sounds in the venue through a live speech-mapping program projected on the walls. In addition free earplugs are distributed at the door allowing for an even safer listening experience.

During musical breaks the audiology team shares interesting facts about hearing along with raffling off noise reducing products (such as custom molded ear plugs and a UM1 head set donated by Westone Music). Attendees of the concert also have the opportunity to purchase custom molded ear-protection at cost! Just our small way of helping youth, musicians and adults protect themselves from the dangers of loud noises.

The annual concert has been held as a fundraiser for deserving groups such as: The Kirkland Teen Union Building and helping fund long-time patient Tom Guidon’s trip to the 2009 Deaflympics in Taipei.