Community Education

Each May Evergreen Speech & Hearing Clinic celebrated Better Hearing and Speech Month, by placing their focus on areas of concern in the communication field including; Literacy, Language, Voice and Hearing Awareness. The audiologists, speech-language pathologists and office staff take this opportunity to branch out to the community and collaborate on events, lectures, community talks, and public awareness on the critical health topics. Some of the past community events include:

Northwest Folklife Festival

Starting in 2010 Evergreen Speech & Hearing Clinic was invited to sponsor the Vera Teen Stage and distribute earplugs and educational information to attendees of the fair. Each year over the Memorial Day weekend staff hands out over 3500 earplugs, 1500 brochures, and helps answer countless questions. The stage also educates the crowd on the importance of hearing protection and hearing awareness in between sets with fun facts. The festival is a great way for the staff to get involved in the community and help spread awareness.

Environmental Adventure School Health Fair

Dr. Terrence Limb presented on the irreversible dangers of noise induced hearing loss at the Environmental Adventure School Health Fair in Kirkland, WA. The talk demonstrated to the teens how to listen smart and safe.

University Bookstore Events

The clinic has partnered with the University Bookstore in downtown Bellevue to help increase awareness on literacy and the importance of early reading. The speech-language pathology team hosts a special Story Time where one of our therapists reads stories to the kids in attendance and is available after the reading to answer any questions that the parents may have about their child’s literacy or language.

All visitors to the bookstore during the month of May receive Better Hearing and Speech Month goodies including earplugs, frisbees, bookmarks and more!

The clinic has also held special interactive presentations on “How To Read to Your Kids,” a one on one lesson to parents on how to best read to their children to foster growth and success in literacy.

Tips for Friends and Family Education Seminar

The clinic offered a special nighttime Family Education Seminar for our patients who recently obtained hearing instruments. The seminar teaches families how to help their loved one hear to their full potential and offers an open discussion that touches on how hearing works, what families should expect during the adaptation process, the impact of communication breakdowns on family and the strategies that family members can use to promote effective communication.

Exclusive Patient Upgrade Event

Patients were invited to attend an exclusive hearing-instrument upgrade event that brought an expert from the hearing industry into our offices to discuss each patients needs with our audiology team to help create the best hearing outcomes. We’ve also held consumer seminars, and special events to help introduce the public to the new technologies and our hearing instrument program.

Earplug Distribution

Each May our offices distribute over 7000 earplugs to community groups, special events and our own patient base. Just our small way of helping protect our community members hearing!

Eastside Mothers of Multiples

Speech Language Pathologists addressed a group of 40 mothers on the topic of language development in children from birth to age five. The presentation included tips, resources, and guidelines on seeking professional help.

Madison House and Emerald Height Visits

Doctor of Audiology visited Madison House in Kirkland and Emerald Heights in Redmond to help answer questions, help with hearing instrument difficulties and address any problems that the residents  might have with their communication.

Redmond Senior Center

The Audiology and Speech Team came together for a special presentation on hearing loss and voice preservation at the Redmond Senior Center.

Emerald Heights Wellness Fair

The clinic was a part of the Emerald Heights Wellness fair, a fair dedicated to the residents and employees health and wellness. Information giveaways, earplugs, and a gift basket raffle rounded off the day.