Every now and then we like to break out and have a little bit of fun with our patients. From entry contests to fundraising raffles, we make the most of Better Hearing and Speech Month by helping others and having a whole lot of fun while we’re at it!

Turn It Down Concert Raffles: Each year at the Turn It Down Concert we choose a beneficiary for all funds raised. Through raffling off iPods with custom molded earplugs, custom earplugs and UM1 in ear monitors we are able to help raise funds along with having some fun with the crowd!

Sounds of Life Photo Contest: In 2006 we asked our patients to submit photos of what sound looked like to them. With the help of professional photographer Al Borman, our jury selected John Hill as the winner of an iPod Nano with sound reducing headphones.

Extreme Hearing Makeover: With the help of Oticon, Evergreen Speech and Hearing Clinic held a contest that would change the life of one of our patients. We asked our patients to submit an entry into the Extreme Hearing Makeover for their chance to win hearing instruments and a lifetime of care through the clinic. The judging committees read through the numerous entries and choose 55-year-old Vicki Lee. Ms. Lee won the prize of Oticon 8000 hearing instruments, a hearing test, an instrument fitting, a two year warranty, aural rehabilitation and enrollment in the CONNECT Program. Lee met with the doctor that initially fit her with hearing instruments, Dr. Terry Limb. Her appreciation and gratitude brought her to tears—happy tears at the thought of re-connecting to the world. “I feel like the universe is on my side,” said Lee during her appointment. “I have tremendous hope that I can function normally. I will no longer have to avoid situations or be frustrated; it will open so many more doors in my life.”