hearing & Speech Services in Kirkland, WA

GE Vinson Office Manager

Evergreen Speech and Hearing Clinic has an office in Kirkland, WA, where we serve patients who wish to partner with our trained speech pathologists and audiologists. These professionals have specialized knowledge about human communication systems, such as our auditory and verbalization systems and the inner ear balance system.

Professional Language Development Services

The professionals at Evergreen Speech and Hearing Clinic can both assess and treat conditions that interfere with language skills. The language development services available at our office in Kirkland include all of the following:

  • Hearing health assessments, including hearing aid fittings
  • Speech articulation testing and therapy
  • Childhood apraxia of speech testing and therapy
  • Autism-related communication therapy
  • Accent modification and pronunciation lessons
  • Literacy lessons, including reading, writing, and spelling
  • Stuttering assessment and therapy
  • Balance problem diagnoses

With more than 35 years serving the Eastside community, Evergreen Speech and Hearing Clinic has experience with numerous verbal, auditory, and balance issues, and we love helping people learn to manage those issues and live their best possible lives.

We also create an environment of support and community. For example, our stuttering support group meets monthly as a chapter of the National Stuttering Association.

Choose Evergreen Speech and Hearing Clinic

Our services are intended to transform lives and empower individuals. Contact our Kirkland, WA, office today at 425-899-5050 to learn more about the therapy options available at our clinic. We are open Monday – Friday 8AM-5PM.

Located At: Evergreen Surgery & Physicians Center 12333 NE 130th Ln. #430 Kirkland, WA 98034
Office Number: 425-899-5050
Fax Number: 425-899-5054
Email: kirkland@everhear.com