School Checklist: Why Check Your Child’s Hearing?

Check your child's hearing

New teachers, new classrooms, new curriculum – it can be overwhelming for anyone. That’s why our audiologists at Evergreen Speech and Hearing Clinic recommend getting your child’s hearing checked to ensure the easiest adjustment in the new school year.

Why Check?

A lot of our patients come to our offices for a regular check up to make sure that everything is working properly and there has been no recent hearing loss. Hearing loss, even mild, can have a detrimental effect on a young person’s development. Translate that to a school setting, and you will see him or her experiencing significant negative effects in social life, relationships and friendships. That’s why it is so important for parents to catch the changes (any changes!) in their child’s hearing early on and pay us a visit.

How Is It Done?

During your visit, we will be able to evaluate any changes to your child’s hearing using the latest methods and technology. From simply repeating words to ruling out the possibility of fluid in the ears, the evaluation is an easy and fun process for young patients. More importantly, a visit to our clinic is a great way to show the importance of taking care of your family’s health early on. At the end of your appointment you will have all an idea of how well your child can hear, as well as get recommendations on the next steps and how to avoid damage.

Check your child's hearing

Preventing Damage

There are several simple yet very effective ways to prevent damage to your child’s hearing. Our audiologists recommend using ear protection (earplugs, earmuffs, etc.) in any situation involving loud noise, like when playing loud music or helping with yard work. In a school setting, it may be a good idea to help keep the noise levels down or avoid loud settings in general. For more tips and ideas, please check out our webpage by following this link.

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