Hearing Patient Spotlight – Jan Kline

Jan first visited ESHC in 2018 but has known the founder/audiologist, Dr. Tom Norwood, and Clinic Director, Ruth Norwood, for many years.

Jan received her first pair of hearing devices from ESHC last year!

Have your new devices impacted your life in any way? 

My initial hearing test was done by Dr. Tom.  It is clear that Dr. Tom’s primary goal is well being of each of us in a personal way.  My sound proof booth time manifested results that my family had been predicting.  The biggest hole in life with those around me was significant hearing loss.  The devices I received have brought the words of my grandchildren back to life in each moment.  

Is there anything you think people should know about ESHC? 

ESHC follow up is personal and regular.  I have felt connected by
intentional plan and truly valued.  There is extraordinary effort made to augment services. 

What was the best thing about the treatment you received?  

Every staff member is a big picture person. Ruth and Tom have created a family of staff.  The mutual respect for all is apparent each time I am there. As administrators treat staff, so staff treats the clients. There is a demeanor of kindness combined with professionalism that has created the best of the best.  I am thankful.  

Jan with her grandson, James.

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