Connect™ Program

CONNECT™ – Beyond Technology

an innovative approach to connecting patients back into the world around them.

Through years of experience and studies, CONNECT™ has been designed by the clinicians and office staff at Evergreen Speech & Hearing Clinic to optimize communication. It is the goals of Evergreen Speech & Hearing Clinic to not only boost your hearing, but to help those around you understand how to make a difference in your communication life.

Each hearing rehabilitation patient that is seen at Evergreen Speech & Hearing Clinic will have an individualized treatment plan that will incorporate:

  • Access to sound – with the use of today’s most sophisticated hearing instruments
  • Auditory Training – using a computer based home therapy model that provides over 20 hours of hearing training.
  • Environmental influence – educating the patient on appropriate environmental manipulation strategies.
  • Social Network Involvement – with classes designed to educate friends, family and colleagues on more effective communication methods.
  • Outcome Verification – programs such as Speech Discrimination in Noise Testing (SDNT), computerized Live Speech Mapping, and follow-up satisfaction measures are used to make sure the patient has the greatest listening satisfaction.

The CONNECT™ program will be provided at no additional cost to the patient, but promises to maximize patient’s outcomes and satisfaction with hearing rehabilitation.

If you wish to learn more about the CONNECT™ program, please call one of our three office locations, or e-mail