With advancements in technology, our personal exposure to noise has increased significantly over the years. From MP3 players to surround sound, we spend our days surrounded by high decibel levels of sounds. With personal hearing protection, the danger of Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) can be reduced.

Available personal hearing protection:

  • Custom earbud molds for MP3 players: With the recent boom in MP3 player use has also come a boom in teenage hearing loss as well. It’s important to keep volume at a minimum when listening to MP3 players. This is more easily done with a pair of custom earbuds. Standard earbuds are transformed with custom molded tips to help reduce ambient background noise – allowing listeners to turn their MP3 volume down. These custom earbuds also promote a comfortable fit when using MP3 players on a daily basis or during activities such as exercise.
  • Custom headphones: Custom headphones are similar to custom earbuds. These ear pieces differ in that custom headphones have the headphone circuitry housed in the ear piece itself, whereas the custom earbuds have to be used in conjunction with standard earbuds. Custom headphones allow reduction of ambient noise without sacrificing sound quality; they also offer a lower profile than custom earbuds.
  • Custom musician earplugs: Musician’s earplugs are great for attending concerts or playing in a band since they are made to bring all sounds down equally instead of distorting the signal like foam earplugs tend to do. These earplugs can be purchased in a variety of filter levels depending on the loudness of your favorite activities. Due to the loudness of most concerts, it’s important to protect your hearing so you can keep enjoying concerts for years to come!
  • Motorcycle and sleeping earplugs: Wind noise is often a big problem for motorcyclists, as is finding a comfortable earplug that will fit nicely beneath a motorcycle helmet. We offer custom earplugs that help reduce wind noise and have a low profile specifically for wearing beneath a helmet. The low profile design of these earplugs also makes them comfortable for light sleepers needing to block out ambient noise.
  • Swim plugs: Wearing earplugs while swimming or showering is the perfect way to keep moisture out of the ear canals. Custom made earplugs provide a snug, comfortable fit to maximize the plugs’ effectiveness. These plugs also float to prevent loss just in case they should come dislodged from the ear while swimming.
  • Hunter earplugs: Hunting is a unique listening experience in that the hunter needs to be able to hear, but needs to be protected from high-level impact noise.  A custom earplug can be made to accommodate both of these needs by utilizing a valve which remains open during communication and closes during high-level impact noise such as gunshots. It is extremely important use hearing protection during the use of firearms due to the damage they can cause to your hearing.