Occupational noise hazards are often overlooked by employees and employers.Through continued exposure over time, noise level hazards can create permanent Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL). Our doctors of audiology work with professionals to find the hearing protection that will best block dangerous sounds while optimizing the communication at hand.

Available hearing protection for professionals:

  • Communicator earplugs: Communicator earplugs are custom fit earplugs which are equipped with a filter allowing some sound awareness and speech understanding. These are particularly useful for professionals working in a noisy environment, but also need to remain alert. These plugs will allow you to be aware of environmental sounds and communicate effectively with coworkers while still protecting your hearing.
  • Pilot and communication earplugs: Specific custom ear pieces are made for use with communication headsets often used by law enforcement officials, pilots, telephone operators, and air traffic controllers. These ear pieces feature a custom fit ear piece which helps reduce interference from background noise as well as maintain comfort throughout the work day. These devices can be made compatible with most headset systems.
  • Stethoscope earmolds: Whether you are a hearing aid user or not, there are many options for making your stethoscope more comfortable. Custom ear pieces can be created to couple with ear tubes of the stethoscope in order to increase comfort and help decrease ambient noise which can interfere with auscultation. Custom ear pieces can also be created to help couple a stethoscope to in the ear hearing aids in order to use both devices together.
  • Racing headsets: Racing headsets are custom fit to allow some protection from noise exposure while also allowing the driver to communicate with the pit crew. These ear pieces can be made to be compatible with most headset systems and are made specifically to fit nicely beneath a racing helmet.
  • Custom earplugs: No matter what your job is, if you work around loud noise it is important to wear hearing protection. Custom fit hearing protection can provide more comfort than over-the-counter hearing earplugs since they are custom fit to the individual’s ear. Research has shown that custom fit earplugs are also more effective at reducing environmental noise than standard over-the-counter foam earplugs.