How Do I Know?

How do I know…if my child might have a hearing loss?

As your child grows there are many developmental milestones to be aware of. It is important to continue to watch for signs that he or she is hearing well, even if past tests have indicated your child has normal hearing.

Developmental milestones in the first year of life:

  • Newborn infants startle or “jump” to sudden loud noises
  • By 3 months a baby usually recognizes a parent’s voice
  • By 6 months an infant can usually turn his or her eyes/head toward a sound
  • By 12 months a child can usually imitate some sounds and produce a few words

Signs of hearing loss as your baby grows into a toddler may include:

  • Limited, poor, or no speech
  • Frequently inattentive
  • Difficulty learning
  • Often increases the volume on the TV
  • Fails to respond to conversation-level speech
  • Answers inappropriately to speech

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