Jennifer Dierenfeld, Speech-Language-Pathologist, celebrates 12 years with ESHC!

Speech-Language Pathologist, Jennifer Dierenfeld is celebrating 12 years with ESHC this year!

“I love getting to work with our amazing families and watch patient transformations with newly acquired communication skills. I love that when we are assigned to work with a patient, that we often get to work not only with the patient, but also with their parents, siblings, caregivers, and loved ones to teach them how to best support the patient’s communication needs and foster growth at home.”

Jennifer says she loves being a part of our ESHC team because we are constantly raising the bar for ourselves and our patients to make therapy be the best possible experience for everyone involved.

“From our staff continuing education, to our internship program and partnering with universities across the country, to our collaboration with physicians and other providers, our decisions are based on what is best for our patients and I love the challenge of assessing the many angles that impact communication and working with our team to arrive at solutions and truly provide best practices. Our team is like family and it makes the job so much more enjoyable to do what you love with people you admire”

When she is not at work, Jennifer gets to enjoy being a mom and spending time with her two children, son (age 4) and daughter (age 2). She loves to get out into nature with her family whether it’s in their backyard or their annual camping trips to Montana. Jennifer and her family are also active in their Co-Op Preschool Community.

Thank you Jennifer for your 12 years with ESHC!

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