Newly Designed Communication Workshop

The Audiologists and Speech Pathologists at ESHC have joined forces to provide a NEW look at enhanced communication. This new workshop was designed to provide our patients the opportunity to share ideas, have concerns heard, and learn efficient ways to minimize the negative impacts of hearing loss; in a forum that is fun, entertaining, and respectful of your busy schedules.

Did you know that individuals with untreated hearing loss are 2-5x more likely to suffer memory loss and dementia than patients with normal hearing or treated hearing loss?1 At ESHC, we are committed to stopping the effects of hearing loss in its tracks. At our workshop, you will work with a small group of like minded individuals to explore more efficient ways to manage your day to day communication challenges. The groups are facilitated by our Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists, ensuring that the information you receive is current, relevant and accurate. These workshops, along with other aspects of our hearing rehabilitation program like as Auditory Training and careful verification/validation measures, we are moving our program beyond technology to ensure that our patients have the best possible outcomes.

Buying a hearing aid will make sounds louder. Treating a hearing loss requires the professional attention of a team committed to your long term health and well being. Thank you for allowing us to be YOUR team!

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