Hearing Aid Evaluation


Often those with hearing difficulties require an extra boost of amplification to access their full hearing potential. Once a patient goes through a full assessment of their hearing potentials, and all medical problems are ruled out, a consultation between the patient and audiologist is set up to discuss amplification through hearing instruments.

At Evergreen Speech & Hearing Clinic, Inc. the Audiologists view their role as being the patient advocate — helping them discover what hearing solution best suits their specific needs and lifestyle. All of this is performed as part of the CONNECT: Beyond Technology Program, which uses innovative approaches to bringing a patient to their full hearing abilities.

The process of determining which hearing instrument is best suited for the individual consists of: configuration, loudness sensitivity, assessing the type of communicative concern, and day to day situation difficulties.  The audiologists also work with the patient to help make the devices pleasing to wear and financially feasible.

Once a patient decides that they want to take the step toward enhanced hearing, Impressions are obtained for a custom shell design and are forwarded to a manufacturer for assembly. Evergreen Speech & Hearing Clinic works with manufacturers who offer today’s most sophisticated hearing instruments. When the devices arrive, the patient returns for the fitting process.  During this time Outcome Verifications are performed through computerized programs.

Two weeks later, the patient is seen for a follow-up appointment, to ensure continued satisfaction. At this appointment, the Audiologist addresses any questions or concerns, and fine tunes the instruments.

Evergreen Speech & Hearing Clinic seeks to assist the individual and create long term satisfaction with their hearing instruments.  Satisfaction is guaranteed for the life of the devices through no-cost cleaning and maintenance services. It is recommended by the doctors of Evergreen that their patients take advantage of the services at six to twelve month intervals.

The prime objective at Evergreen Speech & Hearing Clinic is to create promote satisfaction and clearer communication. With this in mind, the clinic has established a thirty-day trial period into all of their hearing instrument fittings.  If a patient decides that they made the wrong choice during this trial, they may switch from one device to another without penalty.  They may even cancel their order altogether if during that month they find the devices do not provide the help they were hoping for (a nominal service fee applies).


Any patient suffering from a hearing loss which will not respond to medical intervention.


If you have questions about a specific patient’s needs, please feel free to contact one of our audiologists at 425-899-5050 or E-mail info@everhear.com.