Quality Assurance

Evergreen Speech & Hearing Clinic, Inc. has set high standards for the quality of care and services that are provided to their patients and referral sources. The clinic sees an importance in the maintenance of: the level of care, excellence in patient satisfaction, and the use of reliable science based outcomes. The practices and procedures provided by the clinic are continuously assessed to assure that these high standards are being met, and that improvements are made as necessary.

With Evergreen Speech & Hearing Clinic’s Quality Assurance program, it is the responsibility of each member of the clinical team to perform quality assurance tasks. Through these regularly accomplished tasks the clinic is able to detect areas of excellence and those offering opportunities for improvement.

Continuous quality assurance helps to identify and resolve issues as well as prevent problems before they occur. Documentation of the quality care provided is assessed through:

Quality Assurance manuals, which are located at each office, cover all aspects of the services provided, and the guidelines for the standard way of providing each and every service. Records are kept of all audits and case presentations are filed in separate binders for employee reference at any time.

Audits are used to assure that procedures are being performed correctly as specified by each protocol in the Quality Assurance (QA) manual. Throughout the month, audits are performed at random by randomly selected employees. This process enables Evergreen Speech & Hearing Clinic to detect areas of excellence as well as areas with improvement potential.

Case presentations in the form of grand rounds are given to generate discussion and to document that quality patient care is being given. Throughout the month, employees present on challenging and interesting cases that are relevant to the scope of practice and may possibly inspire creative and new ways of arriving at a common goal.

Customer satisfaction surveys are utilized by Evergreen Speech & Hearing Clinic to generate feedback and gain knowledge in regard to what services the patients feel could be improved as well as what services are appreciated.

Outcome measures have been implemented in both objective and subjective formats and are completed by the professional providing services, the patient receiving services, family members of the patient and a third party if appropriate. These measures provide documentation that the services being provided are achieving the goals set at the beginning of treatment.

Mentoring and education of Masters and Doctoral level students within the fields of Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology is a way for the clinical staff to collaborate with other professionals and training facilities to maintain the most current and innovative methods of practice.

Through this commitment to excellence, and desire for continuous quality improvement, Evergreen Speech & Hearing Clinic employees demonstrate their willingness to provide exceptional care to patients and referrals.