Speech Patient Spotlight – Rebecca S.

Rebecca “Becky” has been coming on and off to ESHC for more than 15 years starting from when she was in high school. Most of the time, Maryam Sadrzadeh, our Speech Program Director, has been Becky’s speech-language pathologist.

Special thanks to Nancy, Becky’s mother, for providing responses to these questions.

Is there an achievement of Rebecca’s that you are most proud of?

With Maryam’s help and coaching, Becky gave a speech to Kirkland City Council about supported employment, she gave a speech at her sister’s wedding,  and she was a featured speaker at a local fundraiser.  Becky was so very proud of herself as was her whole family!

Is there anything you think people should know about ESHC?

Becky has a disability and her speech disfluency has been one of her biggest challenges for most of her life.  ESHC has always been so supportive of Becky’s efforts and worked tirelessly to find ways to improve her communication skills.   

What was the best thing about the treatment you received?  

ESHC is very creative in its methods for improved speech.  Becky’s therapist works very hard to find methods that work best for Becky and that she responds to well.  Those methods have changed as Becky has aged.  I also appreciate that work can be modified so I can reinforce it at home.

Is there anything else you would like to share?  

I’d like to add that Becky and I are always welcomed so very warmly by the staff when we come to the office.  Becky loves saying hello to the front staff and really looks forward to their enthusiastic greeting to her.

Becky with Maryam, SLP and Speech Director, after a speech
session in our Redmond Clinic.

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