Language Development Services & Therapy in Redmond, WA

What is a Language Disorder?:

Language involves a child’s ability to understand (i.e., receptive language) and/or use (i.e., expressive language) verbal and non –verbal communication. Language is comprised of three major parts:

  1. Form: a child’s ability to understand and/ or formulate sentences, and to clearly express their thoughts.
  2. Content: a child’s ability to understand and/ or produce meaningful language with appropriate content.
  3. Use: a child’s ability to effectively socialize with others by using social cues such as eye contact and turn taking.

Assessment and Treatment:

Evaluations of receptive and expressive language include the use of standardized testing or informal observation to identify strengths and weaknesses, as well as define targets for therapy. The speech-language pathologists at Evergreen Speech & Hearing Clinic are trained to evaluate and treat a variety of language delays and disorders, which may impact any part of your child’s language system. They are trained in treating all stages of language development– from early acquisition to school-aged language skills. Throughout all stages of language development, therapy is focused on enhancing the child’s interaction with others to facilitate natural and effective communication. Clinicians also use play-based therapy when age-appropriate, stimulating your child’s language through socializing and playing in a nurturing and positive environment. Parents are encouraged to be active participants in therapy, both in and out of the therapy setting.

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