Internship Program at ESHC

This summer we are excited to welcome four students from around the country to our internship program. We hold a strong commitment to education and are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with the next generation of talented audiologists and speech-language pathologists.

The students enrolled in our internship program come from various Universities throughout the country and were offered the position after a competitive interview process. The program allows students the opportunity to obtain knowledge and clinical practice that exceeds the classroom.

New to the internship program this year is the addition of a weekly internship meeting allowing students to gain a greater perspective on private practice operations along with working on projects, case presentations and quality assurance. This new addition to the program will give students the opportunity to grow beyond clinical practice.

Meet our interns!

Whitney Jacky comes to ESHC from Idaho State University. In her fourth year of the AuD program Whitney is excited to gain hands on experience working with patients and learning about the private practice world. Whitney is passionate about Advocacy and is excited to be in the Pacific Northwest.

Laura Gaxiola is a fourth year AuD student from the University of Arizona. Laura will be with ESHC for 9-months as a part of her final year externship. She has a love for the pediatric population and has extensive experience in vestibular studies.

Shivani Patel will complete her fourth year AuD externship at ESHC. She is a doctoral student at the University of Washington and has a passion for both learning and teaching. Shivani is excited to use both of these loves to help patients at ESHC understand their hearing loss and create meaningful solutions to help them better communicate.

Christina Frueh is a speech-language pathology graduate student at the University of Washington with an emphasis in pediatrics. Christina has spent the past quarter at ESHC during her part-time pre-internship and we are excited to welcome her back for a full-time summer quarter internship.

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