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Hearing and speech challenges often impact more than communication abilities—they can affect numerous aspects of your child’s life. That’s why we’ve developed a comprehensive, integrated program that’s focused on treating the whole patient. Our multidisciplinary team and network of pediatric specialists collaborate closely together to create effective solutions that fully meet your child’s needs, ensuring that they and your family can thrive.


Comprehensive Evaluations

An appropriate treatment plan starts with a comprehensive evaluation. For an accurate and reliable assessment of your child’s strengths and weaknesses, our speech-language pathologists examine information from reports that parents, caregivers and other professional provide. We then perform formal and informal testing to make clinical observations of your child’s communication skills. During this initial evaluation, we draft an individualized treatment plan.

Individualized Treatment

Our speech-language pathologists consider evidenced-based treatment approaches, your child’s age and level of participation, and parents’ goals and objectives in designing an individualized treatment plan. This plan will include short- and long-term goals for therapy, as well as establishing appropriate frequency of weekly sessions.

Parent-Partnered Interventions

Since you know your child best, your partnership is important throughout the treatment process. Your insights will help your child reach their goals, implement a home practice routine and retain skills across different communication environments. We offer a variety of individualized intervention programs. Whether your child is in sessions by themselves or you’re training with them, we will always provide opportunities for discussions so that you know what your child is working on and the collaborative role that you play in their communication success.

Computer-Based Training & Support

In addition to direct therapy services, we offer computer-based programs that may enhance and support your child’s hearing, speech and learning. Our programs offer training for auditory processing, reading/writing and receptive-expressive language skills. Your speech-language pathologist will select an appropriate program and help you and your child navigate through the activities. We can monitor your child’s remote progress with their individual program and use the results to support their training within the clinic.


Care that Extends Beyond Hearing

Each patient presents with unique communication skills, and at our clinic we try to identify these needs and tailor our services to match our clients’ specific goals. In short, we provide individualized training that improves listening skills, teaches self-advocacy skills, and promotes more successful communication.

Cutting-edge Hearing Aid Technology

Technology evolves at a rapid pace, which results in exciting improvements in sound quality and convenience. By staying current with the latest technology, your child receives the best treatment available. We take exceptional care in programming your child’s individually tailored hearing devices. Furthermore, technology goes beyond hearing instruments and can include remote microphones, cell phone connectivity and streaming devices.

Specialized Hearing Tests for Children

Each child has individual needs and should be tested in a way that is appropriate for them. Our comprehensive tests aim to obtain the most information about your child’s hearing while having a positive experience. Depending on your child’s age, we use various techniques such as ABR (auditory brainstem response), VRA (visual reinforcement audiometry) and/or CPA (condition play audiometry). Your audiologist or hearing and speech specialist may recommend additional tests, which can be discussed during your child’s appointment.


Through our connections with a trusted health care network, we provide direction for various needs. We collaborate with pediatric providers from a variety of fields such as audiologists, speech-language pathologists, physicians, pediatric nursing, otolaryngologists and psychologists to encourage your child’s development.

Eastside Pediatric Communication Clinic

What is the Communication Clinic?

The Eastside Pediatric Communications Clinic is a pediatric clinic hosted by Dr. Kopelovich and Bellevue Ear Nose and Throat. We at ESHC collaborate with Bellevue ENT and Swedish Audiology to help provide the best possible care for our pediatric patients with ear, hearing and speech disorders. As part of the Communication Clinic, Maryam, Dr. Salzmann, Dr. Lokanis and the providers at Bellevue ENT and Swedish Audiology meet bi-monthly to discuss case studies and collaborate to help these patients reach their full potential.

Who is involved in the clinic?

The Communication Clinic is hosted by otolaryngologist Dr. Kopelovich and Bellevue ENT. It includes our very own Maryam, Dr. Salzmann and Dr. Lokanis, as well as providers from Swedish Audiology.

What is the goal of the Communication Clinic?

The goal of the Communication Clinic is for speech, hearing and otology professionals to collaborate to help provide the best possible care for patients with more complex cases, and to help them reach their full potential. My goal within the Communication Clinic is to help facilitate exceptional patient care and encourage their continued care with us.

When does the Communication Clinic begin operations?

The clinic is currently in operation at Bellevue ENT. We currently see speech, voice and hearing patients that we share and discuss with Bellevue ENT and/or Swedish Audiology at the bimonthly EPCC meetings, and plan to continue our working relationship with them and other trusted providers as we build our own Pediatric Program.


Learning more about your child’s communication difficulties can make all the difference. We collaborate with school audiologists and SLPs; this gives us valuable insight into typical communication environments, which allows us to develop a more comprehensive care plan. We pair our reading programs with a variety of communication practices to enhance language learning strategies, which each help address common literacy struggles that children face.


Focusing on family-centered care means that we care about patients, as well as their parents; we provide access to ongoing parent classes, as well as assistance with insurance benefit checks and billing concerns. Beyond that, the true core of our pediatric program is our ongoing pediatric recall system. We are here to support you through the scheduling chaos of classes, therapies and summer camps by keeping a close eye on your child’s last appointment date and reminding you when to visit the office.

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